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Inspire: Habit Awareness

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Inspire: Habit Awareness
  • Inspire: Habit Awareness
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This is a playful self-coaching tool designed to help you discover what your daily habits are about.
Do you really need your present set of habits? Is there any way for you to reshape those habits to
start the kind of life you’ve always wanted? This game has no winners or losers, no foolproof
strategy to win big. In fact, no need for any game strategy to think up. You simply draw a card and
start talking about it. Then, it’s your turn to listen to others talk.
The game has no set timeframe. Play on and chat on for as long as you like.

Game rules dowload HERE.

  • The chief inspiration in the making of this card game has been to develop a playful tool simple and exciting enough to provide an easy and fun way of managing your selfcoaching work. No need for game instructor or trained coach, you just sit down to it on your own or with a group of friends.
    What’s more, this deck of cards has a number of other uses to consider:

    • Language learning: use the deck as a set of prompts to aid communicative one-to-one or small group speaking tasks.
    • HR – job interviews: the deck is a powerful focus tool to direct a job interview into the part where personal characteristics and assets need to be mapped out in as fine detail as possible.
    • Personal coaching: the deck provides a handy warm-up exercise in a life-coaching context. It helps to discover which life areas at large, or patterns of behaviour/habits in particular might best be addressed for optimum progress. The cards, viewed as a logical set, can reveal exciting new insights.
    • Couples therapy: acknowledging and accepting our partner’s habits is a pillar of healthy relationships. The cards are super-helpful in pinpointing the most problematic set of habits in a relationship. That alone can help a couple. Further, this helps to create a common habit map which both partners are happy with and can accept. 
    • Team-building warm-up: ideal for the introduction round with medium to large size teams. Each player draws a card and gives an introduction based on that card.
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