The Wall Duo Slide

The Wall Duo Slide
The Wall Duo Slide
The Wall Duo Slide
The Wall Duo Slide
80 mm thick real spruce wood side frames, top and bottom edge from aluminum, powder-coated in S009 anthracite structure, feet from flat steel, powder-coated in S009 anthracite structure.

Pinboard side: foam board covered with high-density felt fabric
Whiteboard side: magnetic enamelled dry-erasable whiteboard.
Total size: W 134 x H 195.5 x D 61 cm / W 52 x H 77 x D 24 inches
Working surface: W 118 x H 169 cm / W 46 x H 66 inches
Weight: 19.5 kg / 43 lbs
clear: 684.89 €; gross:869.82
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The choice is yours! Features smooth-glide swivel casters.

The elegantly designed Wall Duo Slide is not only esthetically pleasing, but will surpass your practical needs as a multi-functional pinboard and whiteboard. Smoothly glide from different positions and rooms with ease thanks to 4 swivel caster wheels. The durable foam board is covered with high-density felt on one side as a versatile pinboard, whilst the other side is a largesurface enameled whiteboard. Create a more dynamic workshop by using our slickynotes® or Stick-It Cards in your next whiteboard-centered session!
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20 kg/piece
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